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Date and time?

This workshop will take place virtually via zoom on Monday October 26, 2020 at 8-9:15pm (Boston time). Please RSVP to the workshop here using your Harvard email address.

What is this workshop about?

When pursuing a PhD, you will face many challenges. Oftentimes these challenges don’t come from the places where you expect; specifically, many of the challenges are not about the technical work you’ll do in your PhD, but are about the soft-skills and mental aspects of the PhD process. In this workshop, we’ll go over three sources of stress you may encounter in your PhD, and especially within your first year:

  1. What should you expect from yourself in your first year?
  2. What does your advisor expect from you in your first year?
  3. How can you be supportive of your peers?

We will then give you tips and advice that we hope will help you answer the above questions for your personal situations.

Who is this workshop for?

We especially encourage first-year PhD students in SEAS to come. All PhD students are welcome!

Who is organizing this workshop?

Current PhD students, in collaboration with staff, administrators and faculty who deeply care about creating a healthy and welcoming environment for all students. You can find a full list of organizers below.

Missed the Workshop? Need a refresher?

Don’t worry! The complete workshop materials can be found here.


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Contact Us

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